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Our Technology Kevin Hackett Optometrist

We are committed to maximising your visual and ocular health, by investing in the latest technology to ensure the most accurate and effective testing. All results and images are stored for comparison at future visits, allowing us to monitor for any changes over time. This means we can correct your vision as precisely as possible and discover any eye diseases or conditions as early as we can.

Our technology includes:

Ocular Coherence Tomographer- provides us with a highly detailed, 3D image of the retina, the innermost layers of your eye. This helps us to more accurately identify eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and optic nerve damage- often before you experience any noticeable symptoms. The scan takes approximately ten minutes, and as the equipment never touches your eye, there is no discomfort.

Digital Retinal Camera- enables us to capture a digital image of your retina, optic nerve and the blood vessels at the back your eye, which aids us in detecting and managing eye diseases and conditions as soon as possible. It is a simple and painless test that takes just a few minutes and delivers results instantly.

Visual Field Screen- a test designed to find out how well your central vision and peripheral vision is functioning, by measuring the sensitivity of your visual systems. Your Optometrist will recommend a visual field test for any of the following reasons: to monitor for glaucoma or macular degeneration, assess neurological conditions and test for optic nerve damage.

Corneal Topographer- a non-invasive imaging technique for mapping the surface curvature of the cornea. We use this to determine the right contact lenses required for each patient and to determine and asses the fit of Ortho-K lenses. It also enables us to detect corneal conditions such as keratoconus.

Air Puff Tonometer- used to measure the intraocular pressure; the fluid pressure behind the eye. This important test is performed on anyone over eighteen years of age, as well as those at risk of glaucoma.

Varilux Visioffice® - a 3D measuring system that determines your head tilt, dominant eye, eye movement and exact eye location. This allows for the unique benefit of ultimate lens personalisation and therefore the most precise vision correction possible. The Varilux  Visioffice® also takes photos of you in your frame options then displays these side by side on screen, making it fun and easy for you to choose your favourite, especially for those who normally struggle to see themselves in the mirror without prescription glasses. We are the only practice in Geraldton with a Varilux Visioffice®.

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