Children’s Vision Assessments

Childrens Vision Assessments Kevin Hackett Optometrist

Because 80% of a child’s learning is through vision, it makes sense to ensure they are seeing the world how it should be. We specialise in high quality eye care services for children, offering gentle and careful examinations to make sure your child is seeing as clearly as possible.

Part of our examination includes testing a child’s development, reading specific skills, focussing ability and eye movement skills. We’ll provide recommendations on how to treat and prevent any problems, and fit your child with spectacles or contact lenses where necessary. We also offer behavioural optometry services designed to help your child achieve their full potential.

We recommend testing your child’s eyes at three years old, or earlier if you have any concerns about their vision and/or the appearance of their eyes. We then recommend your child receive a comprehensive eye consultation every two years.

Children assume their vision is the same as everyone else’s, so it’s common that visual problems go unnoticed. Some of the symptoms which might indicate a problem with your child’s eyes include:

  • rubbing eyes
  • squinting
  • skipping words or losing their place when reading
  • headaches
  • watery eyes
  • eyes which turn in or out
  • getting close to the page when reading or writing

School screenings are helpful to detect any severe vision problems early; however passing this screening does not necessarily mean that there isn’t an underlying issue. It is therefore recommended that your child continue to have regular eye examimations with an optometrist.

*Please bring with you any reports from past visits with any health professionals, including occupational therapists, school psychologists, paediatricians, speech pathologists or community health nurse referrals.

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